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P2P backup solution Zoogmo closes its doors

Computers fail. And so it's always a good idea to have a backup solution, whether it involves regularly copying your important data to a spare hard drive, burning it to disc, or syncing it with an offsite backup network. While companies such as Mozy and Carbonite have made a business out of offering subscription online backup solutions, startup Zoogmo took a different approach by offering users a...

Zoogmo offers P2P file backup solution, no seriously

There are hundreds of ways to backup your important data. You can schedule automatic backups to a DVD-RW, spare hard drive, or use an offsite backup solution to save your data on a remote server in case anything ever happens to your PC. But while offsite services like Carbonite and Mozy provide a secure option for backing up your files online, neither is free (while Mozy offers a free service,...