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Share lists with Zenbe Lists iPhone app

My wife and I both have iPhones, and we want to be able to share grocery and honey-do lists with each other. Most task list applications are not very well-suited to sharing lists, and most of the web solutions we tried were not much better. But then we came across Zenbe Lists (iTunes link), which is an iPhone application that synchronizes with a web-based version. But even better, Zenbe Lists...

Zenbe webmail client adds Twitter, GTalk integration

When we first looked at Zenbe two months ago, the service was still in private beta. Now anyone can sign up for Zenbe. The company has also added several new features that help transform the service from a simple webmail client to a personalized start page. For example, you can now sign into Google Talk and Twitter in the Quick View area on the right side of the page. This lets you chat with...

Zenbe takes on Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! with new webmail client

Free webmail is nothing new. But the field is pretty much dominated by big names like Google, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo! Zenbe is a startup that hopes there's room for one more. And the company's webmail client makes a pretty strong case that there should be. Zenbe is a free email service that gives users 4GB of storage for emails and attachments. But that's just the start. The service features...