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Windows 7 or KDE 4?

Microsoft's newest operating system may be in beta, but it's already getting a lot of praise for providing a good mix of performance and eye candy. Features like the new taskbar, Aero Shake, and Aero Peek make the operating system both visually attractive and easy to navigate. But you know what? Windows 7 isn't the only operating system with a flashy new desktop interface. The KDE 4 desktop...

The Ribbon goes to... optional?

Former Weblogs, Inc. blogger Marc Orchant (now of ZDNet fame) alerted me to the fact that Microsoft is giving a bit on the decision to make the new 2007 Office system (still a small "s") ribbon interface the only option. Microsoft is going to provide the ribbon as an optional auto-hide feature that you can use if you want to. I must admit that I hated the ribbon at first, but then used it for a...

Fox Interactive buying up Web 2.0 companies

What's going down at Under the Radar, the "early stage technology innovation" conference happening right now? News Corp. company Fox Interactive is shopping, apparently. According to ZDNet's Dan Farber, Fox's Ron Levinson revealed yesterday that he had just bought one of the companies at the event. Which company? Well, the ink isn't yet dry on the deal and Levinson isn't saying. Farber...