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Upload video everywhere with TubeMogul

Distributing video online and want to save yourself a ton of time? TubeMogul makes it easy to upload to a number of popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Myspace, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Revver (our personal fave) and Metacafe. In addition to a simple one stop upload location, TubeMogul also helps you track your video views across all those sites in one convenient location. If it...

MySpace Videos surpasses YouTube

SiliconBeat is reporting that, according to comScore Media Metrix, YouTube has been surpassed in traffic by MySpace Videos, whose traffic doubled in July. This seems to be in contradiction with Alexa, which has YouTube continuing to climb above MySpace. According to comScore, YouTube had 16 million visitors in July--a 20% increase over July--compared to MySpace Videos' 20 million. Required reading...

Yahoo! Video launches

Last night Yahoo!, without much fanfare, launched Yahoo! Video which, as I'm sure you've guessed, is its answer to sites like Google Video and YouTube. Yahoo! Video replaces the old video search service and still indexes videos from across the web, but the new service's focus is on user-uploaded videos. It occupies a middle ground between Google Video and YouTube, offering more features than...