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Redo Backup is a fast, easy way to image your hard drive

xPud is a slick little live Linux distribution. Apparently, it also makes a nice foundation for a backup and recovery tool. Redo Backup is just that: a small, speedy Linux live CD that provides an easy way to backup and restore the entire contents of your hard drive. Redo utilizes Partclone for the heavy lifting, and it also provides automatic mounting of Linux and Windows shares so that...

10+ free, fast-booting Linux distros that aren't Chrome OS

Sure, Chrome OS has been all over the headlines since early December. But it might not run on your hardware and you're going to have to wait at least a year for the final version. Why bother waiting? Linux enthusiasts have been working on projects like this for years - fast booting, stripped-down distributions which offer the core functionality most users are looking for in a pinch: web...

xPUD is a light weight Linux distro that boots in just 10 seconds

xPUD may not be the first light weigh Linux distribution to take up less than 50MB of disk space. But it's certainly one of the simplest, fastest Linux distributions I've seen. And that's largely because it's still in the early stages of development and doesn't support a ton of hardware or software yet. But it's still pretty nifty watching a computer boot a full operating system complete with a...