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Google Chrome adds support for Hotmail

The Google Chrome web browser is built on the same rendering engine as Apple's Safari, so in theory any web site you can access with Safari should play nice with Chrome. But for some reason users have been complaining that Google Chrome and Microsoft Hotmail (or Windows Live Mail) are like oil and water. Some users reported that Hotmail caused Chrome to crash, while I was able to open Hotmail...

What's not in Windows 7? Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail, etc

There's been a lot of talk over the last few days about new features that will be included in Windows 7. There will be a new taskbar, improved window behavior, and less annoying User Account Control prompts. But there are a few things that won't be included in Windows 7 that had been part of past versions of the operating system. Microsoft will stop bundling Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail,...

Microsoft to kill Hotmail Outlook Express support

If you use Outlook Express to manage your Hotmail account, Microsoft wants you to download Windows Live Mail instead. Come June 30th, Microsoft will be shutting off Hotmail support for Outlook Express because the company is switching the protocol used by Hotmail from DAV to a newer protocol called DeltaSynch. The move isn't really intended to inconvenience Outlook Express users. It's just that...