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Pixelmator adds 'world first' WebP support

Google recently announced the WebP image format boasting 40% greater image compression over JPEG and JPEG2000, and just this morning we covered a plug-in that brings browser support for the fledgling standard. Now Pixelmator, the slick Mac image editing suite that we've covered several times before, has added "the world's first" WebP compatibility into its armory. In the words of the Pixelmator...

Weppy brings WebP support to most Web browsers on Mac OS X

Itching to take Google's new, JPEG beating image format for a test drive? Got a Mac? Then Nick Zitzmann's Weppy might just be the answer. A simple drag and drop and you're up and running with WebP support in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, OmniWeb, Opera, Camino and others. Weppy comes in two versions, one for WebKit-based browsers and one for browsers supporting Netscape plug-ins such as Chrome,...

Google offers up to a 40% discount on all JPEGs -- with new WebP format!

There's a lot of bandwidth being wasted every single second, and Google thinks they've got a pretty snazzy new way to tackle part of the problem. Behold! The new WebP image format! Following in the freshly-trampled footsteps of its video cousin WebM, Google claims that average savings of about 40% over a comparable JPEG can be achieved. Curiously, the image they chose to provide CNet as an...