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Modernizr: start implementing CSS 3 and HTML5 features now

So, you're a web designer, and you want to start taking advantage of new features in CSS 3 and HTML5. That's great, but you know that most of your users aren't running browsers that support these new standards. You could just wait for browsers to get with the times, or you could check out Modernizr. Modernizr is a JavaScript library by Faruk Ates that detects which functionality a browser can ...

Opera 10 Alpha 1 web browser passes the Acid3 test

The latest version of the Opera web browser gets a perfect score on the Acid3 web standards test, which is pretty impressive until you realize that Firefox and Internet Explorer fall short of that score. And if the two most popular web browsers on the face of the earth don't fully meet these web standards, what good are they exactly? That said, Opera 10 Alpha 1 includes a number of other tweaks ...