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Fugly Friday: Cybertown

Do you tire of your humdrum, meatspace world? Does Sony's PlayStation Home look too real? Are there too many flying penises in Second Life for your taste? Well, strap on your hippie goggles and head over to Cybertown, where VRML never really went out of style, it just got better textures. I remember stumbling into Cybertown around the turn of this century and being plenty impressed. Back then, b...

MapJunction: maps and media together at last is an open-source mash-up of Google maps (or other maps) and media, that you can save to a particular location. It allows saving projects, research, and even 3D data (in VRML format) in a socially-sharable way. The technology is based on mapserver, and seems to work well. Basically if you took a picture in central park, you can tag the photo to the park, so others who visit there c...