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Stage6 is dead, long live the Stage6 clones -- until they go down

DiVX killed off the Stage6 video sharing community back in February. And ever since then, new sites have been trying to pick up the torch. Stage6 used the popular DiVX codec and a DiVX Web player which allowed users to watch high definition videos at a time when most web video was YouTube quality. But the company decided the web service wasn't worth the price of bandwidth. Last night one of the...

Vreel to launch Stage6 replacement soon, launches silly video now

Still reeling from DivX shutting down its Stage6 online video site? Vreel is here to help. Or it will be soon anyway. Vreel, or the Stage6 clone formerly known as DivXit, is preparing to launch a new online video sharing site featuring a high definition video player like the one formerly used at Stage6. Of course, we heard the same promises almost 2 months ago when Vreel was first announced. But...

Stage6 clone DivXit becomes Vreel

Remember that Stage6 clone called DivXit we told you about yesterday? Apparently the folks at DivX didn't really like its name too much. Because today the site has a new name: Vreel. There's also a new Q&A which makes it clear that while the site was inspired by DivX's defunct Stage6 video sharing service, Vreel will build a brand new video database. Vreel will, however, use the DivX codec...