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Dexpot is an awesome virtual desktop app - now with Windows 7 superbar integration!

Virtual desktops have long been one of those things that Linux has held over Windows (and Mac too, until recently). They're one of those things that you can't quite see the point of -- until you use them. You're then left wondering how you ever lived without them: alt-tab is for chumps! Why minimize windows when you can minimize your DESKTOP? Enter Dexpot, undoubtedly the best virtual desktop ...

Warp lets you mouse between Spaces in OS X

OS X's Spaces feature is a nice implementation of virtual desktops, but I find it can be awkward to move between spaces sometimes. As much as I'm a keyboard shortcut kind of guy, and enjoy the ability to use the keyboard to switch spaces, often times when I want to switch between spaces my hand is already on my mouse. Yes, you can switch spaces by clicking the spaces icon in the menu bar, but ther...

VirtueDesktops - Virtual desktop switching for you Mac

VirtueDesktops is a virtual desktop manager for OS X. It's easy to use, and sports a strong, but sparse feature set. In other words, it does what it does very well, but there is certainly not an overwhelming number of features. That being said, for the most part when you want to flip between desktops, that's all you really want to do - maintain two different desktops with different applications r...