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Pwn2Own 2010: Google Chrome is the last man standing

Pwn2Own 2010 is under way, and after day one of the annual security showdown the results are darn near an exact replica of last year's. Safari was the first to fall, followed by Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7. Firefox on Windows 7 x64 was also taken down, as was the iPhone's mobile Safari. Google Chrome, however, has yet to succumb. Once again, it's Chrome's sandbox which is making things di...

Microsoft moves software development into Canada

With it getting harder for U.S. companies to recruit foreign nationals for jobs in the programming and engineering, could they all start a shift towards opening facilities in Canada? Microsoft has announced that they will be opening a software development center in Vancouver. This will be set up due to the fact that it's getting extremely difficult to employ skilled workers with the present immigr...