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One big reason people didn't upgrade from Firefox 2 to 3? Hiding porn bookmarks.

Generally, improvements in software are a good thing. Improving something means making it better, right? In the case of Firefox 3's enhanced Awesome Bar, maybe not so much. The Firefox security team has been analyzing data collected from users who declined to upgrade from version 2 to 3 back in May when Mozilla issued a friendly nudge. Those users were given the chance to fill out a questionnai...

Windows 7 upgraders guide: The simple version

Microsoft released a nice, big chart the other day which details the many possible ways of moving from your existing Windows OS to Windows 7. It's got a slight case of information overload, however, so let's simplify things a bit. After all, not everyone reading Download Squad is an IT director with years of experience. First, let's spell out the important terms. In-Place Upgrade: means one y...

ActiveWords - The most useful utility I'm no longer using

To be fair, up front I should warn you: this post is an opinion piece. About two months ago I moved to a new laptop, and went through all of the nonsense that is involved with setting up a new machine. I've just noticed today that I haven't bothered to install many of the programs that I previously would have gone to the effort and jumped through the hoops necessary to get registered on my new ma...