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Younicorn: turn anyone into a unicorn with your iPhone

Of all the novelty photo apps we've seen on the iPhone, Younicorn might be the weirdest. It turns anyone into a glowing, psychedelic unicorn, and it's based on the simple philosophy that everyone looks better with a long, pointy horn growing out of their head. Younicorn is to photos what Cornify is to websites, but better. There are several backgrounds to choose from, including sparkles,...

Cornify: ruin any website, unicorn-and-rainbow style

I honestly didn't know what to make of Cornify at first. It's a bookmarklet that you can click on -- repeatedly -- to add sparkly unicorn and rainbow graphics to the page you're currently viewing. Cornify is a horrifying abomination, a crime against web design, a throwback to the days when the web was covered in animated GIFs, and actually really satisfying to use. Rewind. Yes, Cornify is kind...