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Google and Microsoft offer Japan tsunami and earthquake resources, Bing bungles it

Over the weekend, large corporations have been scrambling to offer support to the devastated north east of Japan, where a tsunami destroyed towns and farmsteads and looks set to claim over 10,000 lives. Google, as always, was the first to respond with a Google Person Finder for Japan. There is now a full Google Crisis Response page for the earthquake and tsunami, which is full of extensive...

Huffington Post proves newspapers aren't dead, yet.

What's been on the Internet 12 hours too long, is 5 years too old and demonstrates the gaping chasm between blog journalism and credibility? This Huffington Post piece pointing to a five year old YouTube video as footage from yesterday's tsunami in American Somoa. Are you getting all your news on the Internet? Constantly cruising a mix of major and minor media sites, or sucking them all in at...