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Bing begins roll out of HTML5-enhanced search interface

Bing's new HTML5-and-CSS3-enhanced search interface, which was first demonstrated back in September 2010 to showcase the power of IE9, has started to roll out. The most notable addition to the new interface is is smooth page transitions -- the fade in and out -- and navigation tabs (maps, images, videos, etc.) now persistently float at the top of the page. WinRumors is also reporting that a ...

LauncherPro for Android updated, brings fancy home screen transitions (video)

LauncherPro, the fan-favorite Android home screen replacement, has been updated! This is not the much-hyped complete rewrite of the codebase -- that's coming soon! -- but it does bring one of the most-requested features: home screen transitions. Rather than tell you all about them, we've made a video that shows off the four new Compiz-like transitions -- it's embedded after the break. Suffice ...

Firefox Friday Five: all quiet on the Firefox front, so here are some neat websites, tips, features and tricks

With classic, why-does-the-universe-hate-me irony it seems that Mozilla had a flurry of activity while I was on vacation. Except the Thunderbird Contacts thing that Lee gushed about earlier this week, there's been absolutely nothing since I got back. Incidentally, if you still haven't downloaded the FF4.0 beta 2, you should do that now. The first release candidate should be only a couple of months...