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Transcriptions: free, lightweight Mac transcription app

If you're a journalist, a social scientist or even just a blogger, you've probably been through the process of transcribing a recorded interview. I do a lot of transcription, but I had always done it the hard way: with a text editor open in one window, and my audio in the other. I should have just downloaded Transcriptions, which handles the whole transcription process in one app, with a lot of...

Rewind, play, rewind, play: AudioLobe makes transcription easier

If you ever tried your hand at transcribing audio to text you're probably familiar with rewinding and playing back passages over and over again. What if you could slow down that audio file without altering the pitch to make it easier for you? Well if you're a Mac users, you're in luck as JS8 Media has developed a handy utility able to alter the speed of audio files without effecting it's...

Express Scribe makes transcribing audio a bit less painful

If you've ever found yourself with a pile of audio to transcribe, you know what a hassle it can be to start, stop, and start an audio file again and again using most audio players. Whether you've recorded a business meeting on a digital voice recorder or a news conference on high end audio gear, Express Scribe can make your transcription job a lot easier. This free Windows/Mac software lets you...