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TonidoPlug unboxing and first look gallery: your own private cloud-in-a-plug

Before I get started, yes, I do realize that this is not Engadget. However, TonidoPlug is a bit of a different situation for us. It's an excellent example of a software product making the jump to hardware -- and doing it well. In case you missed the earlier posts, I took a look at the Tonido beta a while back. Anyone who is leery about offering up confidential documents and media files to the...

Tonido now lets you roll your own OpenID provider, also debuts Tonido Plug

First, Tonido let you set up your own, private cloud. It's been an excellent fit at the office, providing plenty of useful collaboration features at no cost and with very little learning curve for our staff. Now, CodeLathe has rolled out a new plug-in feature which allows your Tonido server to act as an OpenID provider. Instead of relying on someone else's server, just activate the Tonido...

Tonido does cloudless private file sharing, collaboration, and more

Not everyone wants to work in the cloud, but keeping a group connected by other means can be a little tricky. Tonido's cross-platform desktop suite makes the process about as easy as it can get. Tonido installs as a server app on your primary computer (Linux, Mac, and Windows downloads are available). Once configured, users simply connect to the machine with their web browser by browing to...