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Facebook -- with or without Google -- will destroy the world as we know it

On Monday, Facebook announced the launch of a platform that will set in motion a process that will catastrophically terminate the world as we know it. Known by the end-user as the rather demure 'Messages', and internally as Project Titan, it is only those that look toward the future that know its true name: Skynet. The future can be defined as a flow of time that has the potential to become...

Facebook to launch alleged "Gmail killer" on Monday?

This morning, TechCrunch speculates that Facebook is going to launch a "Gmail killer" this coming Monday. Facebook has sent out invites to an event in San Francisco where they will supposedly announce it. Its working title is Project Titan, but it will probably change into something much more friendly for mass-consumption (let's just hope they don't call it "FaceMail" or something horrible like...