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BridgeURL lets you send a tour of several websites in one link

Sometimes you may want to send someone a whole list of websites to look at. Maybe you even want them to look at the sites in a given sequence, like when you're sharing the results of a search for a new car or a vacation spot. BridgeURL is a fairly elegant service that accepts a list of links, and spits out a single link. When you click this link, you're taken to the first website on the... provides an elegant way to shorten multiple URLs and create a "tour" is a slick looking service that takes multiple URLs and spits back one short URL (I got when I tried it). When someone clicks your URL, they are directed to the first site, and they will see a Digg-like bar at the top of the screen. The bar shows that you're currently viewing site "1 of 4," and it gives you Next/Previous buttons that you can click to switch to the next...

View Thru for Chrome lets you instantly see through any short URL

View Thru is a neat extension for Google Chrome that lets you instantly see what's hiding behind a shortened link. You simply hover over the link (say, and get an instant tooltip showing you where it's leading. When I tested it, the tooltip really was instant -- I did not have to wait at all. I tested it both with TinyURL and, and it worked equally well on both. The... expands shortened URLs in multiple ways

Shortened URLs may be useful for Twitter and IM, but they're also problematic. You can never be sure what's hiding behind the short URL, and some IT departments may opt to block them off entirely for exactly that reason. Untiny is a very versatile service for reverting shortened URLs to their full form. The service supports a myriad of services (99, in fact, including the original tinyurl,

Will Twitter's URL shortener kneecap competitors?

In response to a bunch of recent phishing scams on Twitter -- all of which took advantage of Direct Messages and shortened URLs -- Twitter has decided to launch its own URL shortener to boost security. The new shortener is called -- little? Twittle? I think I get it! -- and it will allow Twitter to find malicious links as they're shortened, rather than waiting until they've been direct... Pro enters open beta — get a free, custom URL shortener!

We've written before on Download Squad about's plans to offer a premium service, including custom URL shorteners like the ones they provide for sites like The New York Times. Well, Pro has entered a public beta phase now, and you don't have to be the New York Times to get your own free, custom shortURL. All you have to do is sign up for a account and find a way to register... Pro provides custom URL shorteners to publishers, starting with some major sites is the reigning champion of URL shorteners, largely thanks to its position as the default shortURL provider for Twitter. Twitter isn't the only bigtime site that will be relying on now, though. A new Pro version of the service, currently in beta, provides custom URL shorteners for web publishers, and it's starting with The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and... URL shortener closes up shop is the latest player to drop out of the competitive and unstable URL shortener market. On October 25, the service will stop accepting new URLs and stop running analytics on old ones. will release an export tool soon, so you won't lose your URLs entirely when they stop working. is also apparently up for sale, if anyone's looking to jump into a really unprofitable market. Even...'s open source relaunch begins, already running behind schedule's history is already a bit of an oddball saga: it was shut down, brought back to life days later, handed over from a company to one of the company's individual employees, and then made open source. Well, now the open source promise is becoming a reality, but not as quickly as developer Eric Woodward had hoped. He's announced the first open source release of - if by "release," you mean...

Open source MURLS submits links to multiple shorteners

Still concerned about whether or not your favorite URL shortening service is going to go belly-up and leave you with a pile of broken links? Hedge your bets with MURLS. The tiny, portable application is plugged in to 28 different services including popular ones like,,, and tinyurl. Each shortener is selectable in the MURLS options screen, so you can create as few or as many... is in new, shorter clothes dominates the URL shortener market due to its position as the default URL shortener on Twitter, but its features also measure up well against competitors. One area where loses out, though, is in the length of its base URL. is one more character than or and two more than is addressing that (relatively small) weakness by introducing, which is just...

Lessn offers an easy way to create your own URL shortener

With all the drama around brand-name URL shorteners, a lot of blogs have advised people to skip the big guys and create their own. Easier said than done, though, right? Well, maybe not: Lessn, a service from brilliant designer Shaun Inman (who also developed the Fever feed reader), makes getting a personal shortURL as simple as possible. All you need is some server space where you can throw up...

Short URL saga continues: major services form 301works coalition

In the aftermath of the quick shutdown and restart of popular URL shortening service, several important players in the short URL market have joined an effort to archive short links in case other services shut down. The coalition is called 301works, and it will be run by Gnip. Other participants include Adjix,, betaworks, Cligs, URLizer, and urlShort, and the most popular service...

La petite url is a personal URL shortener for Wordpress

The recent shutdown and reopening of URL-shrinking service drew a lot of attention to one of the most troubling questions about short URL sites: when one of them shuts down, what happens to the links? To avoid worrying about what a URL shortener might do with your links, you might want to scope out la petite url, a Wordpress plugin for creating tiny links using your own domain name. La...! not closing after all, one of the most popular URL-shortening services, shut down last week because its owners saw no way to monetize the service in such a competitive market. Twitter's choice of as its default link-shrinker means that service dominates the market, with smaller players like abd fighting over what's left. has its supporters, though, and they apparently contacted's...