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Google Maps replaces Hybrid button with Terrain

Google seems to have done away with hidden the Hybrid map view in Google Maps. The Hybrid view was always kind of a better idea on paper than in practice. Rather than choosing between satellite views and 2D map views, you could see a satellite image with lines and names for streets. But it was really always pretty hard to tell what you were looking at. Now if you look over to the spot where the...

Terragen: free Bryce knock-off lets you make your own world

While I was blogging about making your own ILM yesterday one of my students tipped me off to Terragen (thanks Aaron). The more I saw of it the more it reminded me of Bryce. Terragen, like Bryce, is a special-purpose 3d app for creating amazingly realistic landscapes. It's terribly easy to use, even for 3d newbies. If you've ever banged your head on Maya, give it a try. Very refreshing. Not only...