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Strong opinions on tea are brewing at

I was surprised at the huge response to my post about Steepster, a Facebook-esque social network where people can connect to discuss their favorite teas. I'm even more surprised to find that there's more than one social tea site out there. The folks at recently invited me to take a look at their (sort of) competing offering. The two sites are actually quite different, though, so...

Steepster enables tea-drinking 2.0

There's a social network for just about everything these days, so it only makes sense that serious tea drinkers would get a social site of their own. It's called Steepster, and once you get your head around the idea that someone built a social network around tea, it's quite well-executed. Users can enter what they drink in a personal tealog, including comments or tasting notes that could come in...

ThisJustBrewed serves social news for social beverages

ThisJustBrewed serves up some discussions around your favorite beverages, coffee, tea, wine and beer. Social news is everything, so why not one have one targeted around social beverages? This social news site plays off of the Digg, Netscape model. Users submit stories and articles, and users vote them up or down. Of course the news on ThisJustBrewed is targeted around coffee, tea, wine and beer...