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MySoti is a well-designed online t-shirt and artwork marketplace

MySoti is an online t-shirt and artwork marketplace. The site looks nice, and the interface is easy to use. Pros: Selection seems to be plentiful. Lots of stuff to buy, and some of it looks good. The site looks visually polished. A nice blend between artsy looks and down-to-earth usability. Layout is sensible. You can easily share t-shirts you like, with a simple "embed code" (which is...

PleaseDressMe: A search engine for T-shirts

Need to find the perfect T-shirt, but don't know where to turn? You could browse online T-shirt stores like Threadless and BustedTees for clever, ironic, or stupid shirts. Or you could turn to PleaseDressMe, a new T-shirt search engine from Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame (plus his brother and a few other guys). You can browse PleaseDressMe by tag, price or color. Or you can search by...

Tcritic launches TDigger

What's better than a blog dedicated entirely to cool t-shirts? Why, a blog dedicated entirely to cool t-shirts that just launched a t-shirt digging site! Tcritic is a slick blog obsessed with t-shirts of all kinds; the more quirky or clever a shirt is, you can be sure Tcritic will find and blog it. But how can we tell which shirts are truly the best? Until now, we've been lost in an ocean of...