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How to add command line switches to Google Chrome or Chromium

We've published a lot of posts about features in Google Chrome and Chromium which require you to add command line switches to activate them. So how exactly do you do that? Watch the video above, and refer to the notes below -- it's a simple process! Locate your Chrome or Chromium shortcut. There should be one on your desktop and one in your start menu - either one will work! Click the...

MoneySeize - Time Waster

Moneyseize is a very straightforward single-screen platformer with charming 8-bit graphics and music. The goal in Moneyseize is to, well, seize all the money. You're in charge of the 'gentleman', and your job is to jump around in each level and collect all the gold coins. Your gentleman is attempting to build a skyscraper, and needs to collect 1000 coins to complete it. There are critters in most...