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Get your Photoshop version control for free -- Timeline giveaway!

Hopefully by now you've read my review of Timeline and decided whether you want a copy or not. In a nutshell though, Timeline is a front-end for Subversion (SVN) version control within Photoshop. It automates the process of checking files in and out -- that's it. I want to say that casual users probably won't find Timeline very exciting -- but is there such a thing as casual Photoshop users when ...

Timeline integrates Photoshop with Subversion (SVN) for full version control

My name's Sebastian, I'm a photographer, and I have a problem: I take lots of photos at an excruciatingly high resolution. If 20 megabyte RAW files weren't bad enough, by the time each photo goes through my Photoshop workflow they're 50-100MB each. But that's OK -- I just keep buying terabyte drives. I'm a junky like that! The real problems occur when it comes to editing: sometimes I make dest... - OS X Subversion with Style

One of the fundamental tools for developers is not just their development environment of choice, but also their version control system of choice. The debate over just which version control system is undoubtedly set to rage on for eternity, however one of the more popular systems is Subversion. On the Mac, up until now there's been a number of choices: Terminal (command-line) which is built into ...

Dev Chair : Version control for beginners

Put up your hand if you do not consider yourself a software developer but know what 'version control', 'CVS', or 'Subversion' is. Good, you guys can stop reading now and come back for the next post. The rest of you may want to stick around and find out why version control software may be something you need but do not know it exists. Why would you need Version Control? You may think that versio...