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Google Chrome now uses SPDY HTTP replacement, halves page load time

We're not entirely sure of the time line here, but it looks like Google has now rolled out the SPDY HTTP replacement to its full bevy of Web services, including Gmail, Docs, and YouTube. If you're currently using Google's Chrome browser you're probably already using SPDY. We originally reported on SPDY way back in November 2009, when Google introduced it as yet another experiment in making ...

Google's SPDY protocol will speed up the web - and Chrome OS, too

Over at the Chromium blog, Google has announced a project they've been working on called 'SPeeDY.' It's an updated transport protocol for the web which improves upon HTTP, reducing latency through network-fu like multiplexed streams, request prioritization, and header compression. "We started working on SPDY while exploring ways to optimize the way browsers and servers communicate," says the offi...