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Microsoft publishes creepy Halloween theme pack for Windows 7

Dubbed with the disgustingly politically correct name "Eerie Autumn," you can now enjoy a ton of creepy wallpapers and sounds for the entirety of this hallowed season. The wallpaper images vary in quality -- some of them look like amateur attempts with point-and-click cameras -- but with 15 images to select from, there should be more than enough to sate your ghoulish urges. This is also the...

Splice - online music maker

Splice is a flash-based online music maker, where you can use other peoples sounds, mix, remix, and record your own music, sounds, then publish to the site for everyone to hear. Social music making and sound sharing is fun and pretty cool too. I could see it used for podcasts or simple loop creation (depending on the quality) but I haven't tested it out yet. The site is flash based, so I imagine ...