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Major label economics forces Sonific to the wall

Sonific, the Web based music distribution system that brought you SongSpots, is set to close on May 1. Sonific worked by allowing users to embed 'SongSpots' in Web sites, individual flash widgets that play individual songs on demand. The service targeted social media sites and bloggers who could augment their sites with tracks without additional software or servers. In a statement on the Sonific...

Sonific launches new network for bands, songwriters and labels

Sonific, the Web service that creates SongSpots, embedded music streaming widgets that can be inserted into most Web pages, blogs or community sites, has just launched a new angle on the application - a music network that will allow bands, songwriters and labels to upload their own music. Since its beta launch, Sonific has shown itself to be a pretty cool web app, but the service suffered from a...