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Google introduces new Twitter snippets in search results

Google has made some improvements to the way Twitter accounts show up in search results. Rather than just a link to the account, you'll now see improved snippets featuring the Twitter user's icon and most recent tweet. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but the new enhanced snippets are particularly useful when you're trying to distinguish between two people with the same name, or when you're...

Add canned responses and snippets to Microsoft Outlook with Text Lightning

Want a quick way to add some pre-defined text to your Microsoft Outlook email messages? Text Lightning is a slick, free add-in which makes it easy to drop in custom signatures or any other boilerplate verbage you need fast access to. It's even got a product recognition feature which scans your message and then displays only snippets which it believes are relevant. Composing a reply? Text...

Google introduces better related terms and longer snippets

We report on a lot of new software and projects from Google, so sometimes it's easy to take it for granted that search is still one of the things they do best. Google searches just got even better, too, with useful improvements to the way the search engine finds related concepts and an increase in the length of search result "snippets" for longer searches. Longer snippets are something I've...