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NBA Jam for iPhone is just as fun and addictive as the classic SNES version

If you loved NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo console back in the '90s, the iPhone version will transport you back to the slammin', jammin' days of yore. If you're new to the classic two-on-two basketball game, prepare to waste a whole lot of time, and get some ice ready for your sore thumbs. NBA Jam for iPhone is a faithful translation of NBA Jam Tournament Edition, featuring at least three...

Top 5 emulators for Windows Mobile - Mobile Minute

In the last two Mobile Minutes we've focused on productivity tips: How to sync your PDA with Thunderbird, and replacements for the built in file explorer. But we all know the real reason you lug a tiny computer around with you isn't to keep your contacts and appointments within arm's reach. It's for playing games in board meetings. With that, we bring you Download Squad's top 5 emulators for...