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Mark Zuckerberg reveals Facebook's simplified privacy settings

Facebook promised users that it would simplify their privacy options, and now Mark Zuckerberg is delivering, speaking to the press at a conference in the company's Palo Alto offices. The new privacy controls feature an at-a-glance look at what you're sharing, and a way to turn off all applications. Your block lists are easier to find, too. They've also cut back on the info that must be visible...

Facebook simplifies home page layout, inevitable complaining begins

Facebook has made some minor alterations the layout of its home page, aimed at simplifying your social networking experience. As with the last 5 design changes Facebook has made, this one has riled up users and inspired "bring back the old Facebook" groups. What's to get excited about, though? The changes seem mostly positive to me. "News Feed" and "Live Feed" have been changed to the more des...

Integrated Gmail simplifies the view for minimalists and Google junkies alike

If there's a Gmail equivalent of adding a zillion toolbars to your browser, then I'm the poster boy. I've added so many lab features and gadgets that my Gmail functions rather... differently. But I'm all about simplifying, and the Firefox add-on Integrated Gmail does just that while also giving you a window into more Google services in a top-down view. The pic above shows you "minimalist" mode an...