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SimilarSites is not just for Firefox anymore

A few months ago, Brad wrote about a Firefox plugin called SimilarWeb that shows a sidebar full of sites related to the one you're currently looking at. SimilarWeb is still around, but now anybody can use a non-plugin version called SimilarSites. Instead of installing anything, you just type in the URL of a site you're interested in and get recommendations. The add-on might look cooler, but the...

SimilarWeb for Firefox helps you find web sites you might like

Amazon, Netflix, and plenty of other web sites try to give users helpful suggestions based on their habits. If you've purchased or rented Firefly DVDs, you might be interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for instance. SimilarWeb does something similar - but for web sites. If you're visiting Download Squad, you might also be interested in checking out Engadget or Slashdot. What's most...