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Sony to shut down ImageStation online photo site

Sony seems to be gutting its online media offerings like a fish... or something else you gut. Last month we found out that Sony was closing its Connect music store. Now it turns out the company is also killing the ImageStation online photo sharing site. ImageStation is dying a slow death. You can no longer sign up for a new account. Some features will be shut down on November 12th, including image...

Yahoo! to drop Photos service for Flickr, video uploads coming soon

In a move that many consider a long time coming, Yahoo! should be announcing the closure of Yahoo! Photos some time today. Michael Arrington at TechCrunch got the scoop last night at a CEO dinner for Outcast, a PR event, from Brad Garlinghouse (Yahoo SVP Communications & Communities) and Stewart Butterfield (Cofounder of Flickr). The two said Photos would be slowly shut down over the next few...

Shutterfly's IPO

$87 million is the number Shutterfly raised in their IPO last week. Apparently they are doing something right. Several friends of mine swear by the online photo service for its many features and ability to print so many products from your photos. I personally love Flickr, and don't have much need for printing my photos on stuff, so I haven't used Shutterfly for that reason. Apparently many people...