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Add CPU and memory meters to your Windows 7 taskbar

I'm not the biggest Twitter fan, but let's face it: people sometimes share really useful information in their 140-character updates. Scott Hanselman (@shanselman), for example, tipped users about a slick addition to your Windows 7 taskbar that you'll find over at Codeplex called Taskbar Meters. Download developer Jeff Key's .zip file and extract the contents to a folder on your hard drive....

Open source Filebox eXtender speeds open/save folder navigation

Windows 7 already includes some built-in features (like Libraries and Favorites) to make browsing for files and folders from a dialog box easier. Heck, Favorites been around forever. If you'd like a bit more flexibility, however, give FileBox eXtender a try. The app can embed two icons to the left of the close button - one for your custom list of folders and another that displays recently used...

Stardock Fences adds KDE 4 style desktop organization to Windows

Many of you have probably eschewed the practice of placing files and shortcuts on your Windows desktop. There are definitely more efficient options - Launchy or FARR, for example. If you still prefer having a well-stocked desktop, Stardock's Fences is a nice organizational tool you should try. Fences add KDE4-style containers to your desktop into which you can drop shortcuts and files. As you...