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Start++ Makes Vista's Start Menu Wicked Useful

One of the features I've always liked about Vista was the Start Menu's search box. I heard a lot of complaints about the missing run command, but who cares? Win + R still works. Besides, once you download and install Start++ the search box will be kicking so much ass you won't believe it. Start++ adds a number of handy functions. For a start, you can set up custom keywords to perform search...

Folder Guide Speeds Windows Directory Browsing

If you spend any amount of time moving files around using Windows Explorer, the repetitive clicking can get tiresome. Folder Guide is a context menu enhancement that speeds your navigation: add a folder to your Guide, and accessing it is a two-click operation from any explorer window or file dialog box. Adding a folder to Folder Guide can be done two ways. Launch the main program, click the add...

Shell Enhancer's Got Your Hotkeys and a Whole Lot More

One of our beefs with Windows is that there are some pretty obvious customization options missing. Little things, but things we'd use if they were there. Fortunately, NuonSoft's Shell Enhancer packs a bunch of these features into a single 2.5MB installer. What can it do? For starters, it allows you to "roll-up" windows (display only the title bar), make any window transparent, minimize...