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Starting things off with Zoho

Zoho is always up to something. The company that seems like it never stops to breath has released another update to their Zoho suite, Start. The Start beta is a not another Zoho application, it is merely an integrated Start page for all of your other Zoho applications. Think of it as a desktop for all things Zoho. When logging in at, users are forwarded to which aggregates ...

ZoHo office suite for iPhone

Zoho, the makers of the powerful set of online office productivity tools has just announced iZoho, a version of their software that has been optimized for the iPhone's touch screen. ZoHo are the makers behind the web based productivity tool set that includes Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, Zoho Notebook, and Zoho Mail. Their new iZoho is accessible through, and can be pla...