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Open source tweaking app Vista Services Optimizer adds Windows 7 love in v1.2

If you don't know the app, don't let its name fool you. Vista Services Optimizer is capable of more than just tuning your Windows services to squeeze out some extra performance. It also allows you to create different profiles, provides a one-touch gaming mode, can take automatic service state snapshots, and offers painless recovery of Windows default settings. Version 1.2 is also Windows 7...

Easily restore Windows services to default settings with a web app

I don't know how they manage to do it, but they do. Every now and then a customer drops off a system for repair and things that a home user should ever need to monkey with - things like TCP/IP settings, registry entries, Windows services - have been mangled beyond recognition. Services in particular can be a big pain to reset, simply because of how many their are. Fortunately, there's an...

Better Windows Service Control With Turbo Services Manager

I spend quite a bit of time during my day tweaking Windows services on underpowered XP and Vista computers, and the services.msc snap-in just doesn't quite cut it. For the past few days I've been using Turbo Services Manager as an alternative. It's a 123k (311k for the 64-bit version) portable application that performs all of the msc's functions and more. I'm particularly enjoying the hotkeys,...