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Google knows where you are, offers localized search results

Google has been throwing some mapped results into general searches for a while. But now they're a whole lot more likely to be relevant, because Google is triangulating your geographic location based on your IP address and other information to give you search results in your area. The end result is pretty useful. If you search for restaurants, post offices, libraries, or chain stores like...

Google to roll out video ads in search pages

You know how Google's been shaking up it's old fashioned search engine by adding image and video links to its formerly text-only results page? Well, according to the New York Times, the company's about to go one step further and introduce video advertising. Google has reportedly already begun displaying video ads on a limited number of pages, but we haven't run across one yet. Eventually we may...

Microsoft gets set to launch new Search interface

Microsoft is headed towards the rollout of a new search today, including a brand spankin' new interface. There will be a gathering in Mountain View at the Microsoft campus for industry insiders to get a glimpse at Microsoft's latest search interface and redesign today. The new redesign will see a refreshing look for the search interface taking cues from both Ask and Google Universal...