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Clubby the Seal gets his revenge in this Time Waster

Clubbing baby seals is pretty much universally evil ... but what happens when the seals club back?! That's what you get to find out in a game called Clubby the Seal, where you play the titular vicious arctic creature as he goes around beating the heck out of humans and monsters. It's gory, sure, but that's what makes it fun! This adorable seal has some vicious moves, including jump attacks...

How to decode those Vista logos

With every new version of Windows comes another round of "Will it Work?", the game where consumers get to guess whether or not the computer or peripheral they've got their eye on is compatible with the new OS. As usual, Microsoft has issued a set of special logos that manufacturers can put on their products to tell us what will work. If only it were that simple. This time around there are two...