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Google, Twitter and SayNow setup Speak2Tweet, voicemail to Twitter for offline Egyptians

Now that Egypt's last ISP is offline to the public, how are people in the troubled country going to get the word out about what's happening? Well Google, its recent acquisition SayNow, and Twitter have partnered to provide a 'speak-to-tweet' service that will link voice messages to tweets and attach the hashtag #egypt, or the country of origin for the call if calling from somewhere else. Anyone...

Google purchases SayNow to bolster Voice service

Over on its website, SayNow says it's "reinventing the phone call." With Google doing its best to reinvent the phone carrier, the two certainly seem like a good match -- which is probably why Google decided to purchase the startup. SayNow made a name for itself by offering to connect music fans with their idols, including artists like 50 Cent, Trisha Yearwood, and the Jonas Brothers -- who have...