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Oh crap! Could I really switch to Safari? Wait, nope.

I don't demand a heck of a lot from my browser anymore. I've weened myself from dependence on add-ons and plugins and moved to as many bookmarklets as possible so that I don't miss a beat when switching among the myriad of browsers installed on my system. While I've been using Firefox for ages, I've been playing with Chromium for quite some time and become used to its speed. I downloaded...

Safari 4 exits beta, Apple claims it's the "fastest" browser

Apple is taking the beta label off of Safari 4 today amid a flurry of news at WWDC. A public beta of the web browser has been available for Mac and Windows since February, and in fact when you go to the Safari download page, you're still greeted with a beta version of the browser. We're guessing the full version will be available later this afternoon. Update: It's available now. Apple claims...

Apple launches Safari 4 beta web browser

Apple has launched a public beta of Safari 4, the latest update to its web browser for OS X and Windows. The new browser is fast, attractive, and to be honest, feels a lot like Google Chrome. Both browsers use the WebKit rendering engine, so for the most part if you can view a page in one browser it should render properly in the other (although the Safari 4 download page didn't work properly in...