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Rumor Alert: Google to acquire YouTube?

TechCrunch's Michael Arrington is reporting on a "completely unsubstantiated" rumor that Google is in the final stages of closing a deal to acquire YouTube for $1.6 billion. He says his source for the rumor is "very good," but that he hasn't been able to get any confirmation. Google certainly has the cash and resources for this kind of transaction, and is probably one of the few companies that isn...

Rumor Alert: Mac OS X to get integrated BitTorrent support

Mac OS Rumors says that according to some of their "oldest and most reliable sources," Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" will be shipping with an integrated BitTorrent system that will be utilized for delivering software updates and iTunes content. For sharing their bandwidth, Leopard users would get rewards like credit at the iTunes Music Store and Apple would save "hundreds of tho...

Rumor Alert: AOL to attempt MySpace assault

Ooh, here's some juicy, unsubstantiated buzz: According to Dave Winer, AOL (this blogger's employer) is planning a new service that will challenge MySpace "head on." The announcement will allegedly be made in two weeks. [Via my boss Jason Calacanis, who neither confirms nor denies, but is probably tenting his fingers right now.] Update: Down in the comments we've got comfirmation from Ar...