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Dell customer gets Windows refund

You know there's something wrong with the market when it's news that someone managed to get a refund for a product they didn't want in the first place. Dave Mitchell of Sheffield, UK will go down in history as the first guy to get a refund from Dell--or any major PC vendor, for that matter--for the "Windows tax," i.e. the $100 or so almost every major PC manufacturers will make you pay even if you...

Have your lost USB drive ask for help

With USB drives getting larger in capacity but smaller in size every day, the space on which you can scrawl your "If found..." contact info is becoming more and more limited. The solution? Make your USB drive identify itself and ask to be sent home if someone finds it and plugs it in to their computer. The Daily Cup of Tech has a tutorial and a little program for making a box with your contact...

Which tax software equals the biggest return?

We've seen a couple round-up reviews of tax software, and while features and ease-of-use matter, a question that shouldn't be neglected is: which will give me the biggest refund? AP's Ashley Heher pitted H&R Block's TaxCut, Intuit's TurboTax, and 2nd Story's TaxAct against eachother to find out. She found that while TaxCut and TurboTax had similar results $600 versus $588, TaxAct,...