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iTunes price hike fallout: labels making less money

Get your sad trombone button ready. According to several recording industry sources, the recent price hikes on iTunes haven't been much of a benefit to the people that wanted them the most - the record labels. Despite their Mr. Crab's like shouts of "Where's me money?!" the increase has had the exact opposite effect. Digital Music News reports that labels have seen a drop in both sales and...

More free music, this time its Oasis, Jamiroquai, The Charlatans and Madness

Radiohead shocked the world when they announced they were allowing fans to set the price for their latest album as a digital download. Then Nine Inch Nails let us all know they have dropped their record label and would also be distributing their new album with no help at all from industry bigwigs. Now a few more music giants that have stepped up to the plate. Sticking it to the record label...

Nine Inch Nails to record labels: so long and thanks for nothing

Last week Radiohead made waves when the band announced that it would be distributing its new album without the help of a record label. Not only will you be able to download the new album online, and not only will your money go directly to Radiohead, but you can set your own price. Now Nine Inch Nails appears to be following suit. Frontman Trent Reznor posted a brief message on the band's homepage...