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Speed up Firefox page loading time without using a RAM disk

Yesterday we wrote about moving the cache of Firefox or Chrome onto a RAM disk. Instead of loading cached images and data from the hard drive, it loads from memory, which is a lot faster. It turns out, though, that Firefox can do this without using a RAM disk -- you can simply do it with about:config. Just follow these instructions -- and don't worry, if you mess it up, you won't break anything...

How to move the Firefox or Chrome cache to a RAM disk and speed up surfing by 20% or more

If you're old enough, you probably remember what a RAM disk is. Back in the olden days, to squeeze every last bit of juice out of your computer (usually for the purpose of playing Doom), you could load a program into a RAM disk -- a virtual drive made out of spare RAM. As I'm sure you know, RAM is a lot faster than your hard drive Fast forward to today, and most computers have a lot of spare RA...