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Google pulls 21 Android malware apps with Trojan rootkit, over 50,000 users infected

Thanks to a tip-off by a redditor, and some investigation by Android Police, Google has pulled 21 Android Market apps that were infected with a backdoor Trojan rootkit. If you downloaded any of the infected apps, they will be automatically deleted from your phone. The attack vector was ingenious, and plays on the Android Market's biggest weakness: the almost complete absence of app moderation....

SuperOneClick is an easy way to root almost any Android phone

There's a new one-click wonder in town: SuperOneClick. It's free, full-featured, and roots almost every phone. Get it while it's hot, Android users! SuperOneClick is a standard rooting kit, but with a simple GUI to mask all complexity from the end-user. Instead of running the risk of bricking your phone with fiddly command-line tools, this app just requires a single click of the button. You...