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Gloobus is a sexy file previewer for your Gnome desktop

Gloobus-Preview is a truly awesome extension for the GNOME Desktop environment for Linux. It gives you a full screen preview of most file types. Based on Apple's Quicklook you can, for example, display the currently played mp3 including a cover window and lyrics on your desktop while playing music with your favorite player like Amarok or Songbird. In other words, you can access a huge number...

Suspicious Package: Preview contents of installer package via Quick Look

Suspicious Package 1.1 is a clever little plugin for Leopard's Quick Look feature that enables you to preview the contents of an installer package without having to launch the installer itself. The plugin is easy to install, and no configuration is necessary. Simply drag the plugin to your Home/Library/QuickLook folder and drop it in (if you can't find a folder of that name, you can create it)....