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JumpLaunch turns your Quick Launch folder into a Windows 7 Jump List

Plenty of people were thrown off by the Quick Launch toolbar's disappearance from Windows 7. It hadn't actually disappeared, per se - it's just hiding where you're not likely to notice it. You can handle this a couple of different ways. The Superbar still supports toolbars, so you can right click it, choose toolbars -> new toolbar and paste "\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick launch" in the...

Vista Countdown: 6 Days - Tips and 20 Qs

I wasn't planning on doing a countdown to Windows Vista until yesterday, and though there are piles of articles out there I could link to about Vista's failings, it seems unfair to focus on that for the week leading up to its release. Maybe I'll alternate days. Today I bring some tips and info for those who are all jazzed for Redmond's new baby. First a tip from the How-To Geek on the Built-in...

True Launch Bar - Today's Mod

Do you have a tricked-out quick launch bar on your taskbar? The quick launch bar has its benefits and drawbacks, but it can certainly make it easier to launch your most often-used applications with the click of a mouse. Although I still prefer the speed of a text-based launcher, there are days when I want to do everything with my mouse and for that I like having a nicely organized quick launch...