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Google One Pass lets content publishers offer simple subscription payments

Google, in a move that shatters any lingering questions about whether it has been building a digital newsstand for Android, has just announced One Pass. The new system aims to give publishers a simple way to let consumers pay for content and then access it across a number of different platforms, with Google Checkout providing the payment backend. We strongly suspect those might include native...

Vox has a mobile site and publishing clients

< I have to just come out and admit it: I've gone kookoo for Vox, Six Apart's step-ahead blogging platform and social networking service. They have done a better job than nearly any service I've seen (and believe me; we get our hands on just about everything web 2.0 here at DLS) at making it dead-easy to add audio, books, pictures and video to your posts from sites like YouTube, Flickr and...

Helphee document publisher

This is something I can't wait to check out. Helphee says that they can help users author and publish help documents online. Not only that, but in a five-minute timeframe or less. Come on! It has to take more than five minutes. I have never written a help doc in less than five minutes. Even if it was as simple as a 150 word description about setting up email signatures in Outlook for my...