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Opera 10.5 pre-alpha leaks: Windows 7 integration, per-tab private browsing

While version 10.5 has not been released yet by Opera officially, there's a pre-alpha build that has been turned loose by someone. It seems legit enough: help -> about reports that the browser is version 10.5 internal, build 20192. It's important to remember that 1) this is a pre-alpha and 2) this could well be a build Opera never intended to see the light of day. In benchmarks like V8 and...

Firefox 3.7a1pre Portable lets you try before you install

Curious about the first pre-release version of Firefox 3.7, but don't want to actually install it on your computer and risk messing up your Firefox profile? The folks at PortableAppz have put together a portable package. What that means is you can run Firefox 3.7a1pre as an executable file without installing it first. Instead of an installer, what you get when you download the portable version...

First Firefox 3.7 pre-alpha appears in nightly builds

With the first Firefox 3.6 alpha in the bag, what's the next logical step for Mozilla to take? Why, to roll out the first pre-alpha of version 3.7, of course. Sure, the 3.6 alpha 2 is still labeled Minefield, but why not go for maximum danger factor with your bleeding-edge install? The 3.7 interface hasn't yet started to look like the mockups we saw a little while ago. Glass support isn't...